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GSI's Strength: Strategy

The Planning & Evolution of Legacy Distributor Networks (Manufacturers):

Consolidation and evolution within the specialty ingredient Distributor industry is accelerating due to a variety of factors. Successful ingredient Distributors who have a strong foundation and vision about the future benefit greatly from GS International expertise on how to target, attract and retain top-notch supplier partnerships.

GS International has significant global contacts and experience in the identification, commercial synergies analysis and integration of complementary Distributor acquisition targets.  Bigger is not always better, yet with the right acquisitions in the right geographies, multiple doors open (end-use markets and new key suppliers) to those Distributors with bold international expansion plans.

The Expansion of International Networks (Distributors):

GS International has globally relevant contacts and on-the-ground working experience in the Americas (North & Latin), Asia Pacific (Southeast Asia, China & North Asia, Australia-New Zealand), the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East. We combine your vision with our contacts, practical insights and skills to transform and improve your processes and strategies.

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